10 Places to Buy a Mask Online to against Coronavirus

  • April 20, 2020

NATIONWIDE — Now that the Centers for Disease Control has OK’d the use of cloth face masks to help protect people from Coronavirus COVID-19, a large variety of options have popped up online.

Best Cloth masks are not as effective as N95 respirator masks, but they provide a marginal level of protection. The CDC says cloth masks also help keep people who may have the Coronavirus COVID-19 from transmitting it to others.

Many companies have switched gears from their normal production to making face masks. Some companies are also giving back to health care workers each time they sell a mask.

1. www.masks-diy.com


For every mask sold, the company is donating one to communities in need.

DIY Face Masks for Coronavirus COVID-19

2. American Blanket Company

$29 (5 pack)

For each fleece mask purchased, one is donated to first responders and health care workers.

3. Arm the Animals


For each mask sold, one is donated to California hospitals, medical facilities, and emergency workers.

DIY Face Masks for Coronavirus COVID-19

4. Brittany Allen


This Austin-based designer was featured on Project Runway. She is offering double-layered cotton masks.

5. Buck Mason


This company also donates masks to essential workers.

6. Custom Ink

$30 (12 pack)

This company offers a good deal if you are buying masks for a family.

7. Dear Kate


The company’s masks are made from the same technology it uses to make its undies and activewear comfortable.

Etsy offers a large variety of masks from small businesses. Here are a few of them:

8. Etsy: Clothes Companion


This company switched from making fashion for pets to fashionable cotton masks for humans.

9. Etsy: HandmadeByErinDesign


This small business makes masks for children and adults.

10. Hedley&Bennett


This company has transitioned its sewing lines from making aprons in Vernon, CA, to making masks. For each mask purchased, one is donated to people working on the frontlines to fight Coronavirus COVID-19.

DIY Face Masks for Coronavirus COVID-19


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